Pickpocketing is a major issue in almost any big cities. Each day there is an estimated 400,000 pick pocket incidents occurred all around the world. Pickpocketing turns out the biggest concern in the big city. Now this anti-theft backpack has been invented to resolve the issue. 

The key features of Bobby Anti-Theft backpack include cut-proof material, hidden zipper closu-res and secret pockets that will keep your belongings safe anywhere.

Pickpocketing incidents mostly happen during the rush hours in public transportation. With the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack, it's impossible for the thieves to pick anything from the backpack due to its genius pockets design and the cut-proof material of the front and sides of the back-pack. 

The pockets are hidden in the sides and back of the backpack, where you can place your valu-ables including wallets, passport, and phone safely without others' attention.

In addition to being the safest backpack, it's meanwhile the most convenient backpack with an integrated USB charging port, water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap. It is also designed to reduce the weight pushing down on the shoulders when you are wearing it. 

The special design of the structure helps the weight leans firmly against your back, thus the weight is distributed more evenly and the backpack will be 20% -25% lighter than other tradi-tional backpacks.

There's an illuminant bar (with an illuminant range of 100 meters) on the back and sides of the bag that will ensure you travel safely at night.

And the front pocket is designed for your public transportation card, so that you can grab it without taking off the backpack.

With the external charging port in the bag, it makes our life much easier to charge our mobile device anywhere anytime simply by two steps. First, connect the power bank from inside, and then connect the phone to the external charging port.

Also, it's suitable for people who always travel around for business or fun. Bringing your camera to record the fantastic moment of the trip is really a nice shot!

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