COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous smart suitcase that follows its user while avoiding ob-stacles in its path. With high tech features like autonomous travel and obstacle avoidance, the R1 frees your hands and makes traveling more enjoyable.


All-aluminum frame and 100% German Bayer polycarbonate

Top notch construction quality

Modular design for convenience and space

Ergonomic handle with sensors

Ultra quiet wheels

Miniaturized electronic components

Moves at a speed of 4.5mph

Go up and down slopes of 15°

Run for 12.5 continuous miles when fully charged


Using CO-EYE, the patented depth sensor, a set of sonar and cliff detection sensors, R1 is constantly collecting and sending data back to the CO-MOVE autonomous following system. 


With a simple double tap on your R1 bracelet, the CO-MOVE system will plan a path, and navi-gate COWAROBOT R1 around obstacles, making its way back to you. CO-MOVE system is the brains of the R1, in charge of sensing the environment, planning reasonable paths, and obsta-cle avoidance, all while following its user. 

The sensing ability of the CO-MOVE system is made possible by:

Multi-sensor fusion technology, which is mainly based on a set of sonars

A depth sensor CO-EYE

Cliff Detect sensors that allow R1 to avoid stairs and other dangerous drop-offs

You can choose to have the R1 follow you when your hands are full or pull it on your own.

Autonomous when you have too many bags

Autonomous when you’re carrying your children

Manual when you’re in a rush to check-in

Manual when you’re going up stairs or escalators

COWAROBOT R1 is also equipped with patented CO-SMART intelligent locks. 

 Automatically locks to keep belongings safe

 R1 bracelet can be used as a keyless remote

 LED ring around the lock tells you if it’s locked or unlocked

The robotic components in R1 only take 4% of the total volume of a normal 20-inch suitcase.

 21.6-inches x 15-inches suitcase

 Fits in an airport overhead compartment

 Able to pack enough for your trip