LELO HEX™ delivers strength, thinness and sensation through structure. It's the first major condom innovation in 70 years. It comes as a giant leap forward in the fight for great, safe sex – with a structurally different design, that means you can see and feel the difference.


LELO HEX™ is structurally different because it apples a unique hexagonal web throughout the LATEX, which means it looks and performs differently to any condom in the world today.


With 350 individual hexagons applied throughout each LELO HEX™, the condom’s surface tessellates and molds to the unique shape of the wearer. The result is a new feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condoms before.


HEX™ is unique in that it combines a 0.055mm HEX™ web with ultra-thin 0.045mm latex panels for thinness and strength combined. Ana it is covered with an internal hexagonal web. By having this web raised on the inside, not on the outside surface, HEX™ helps you and your partner enjoy each other fully, and with confidence.