Mi Drone is the first quadcopter made by Xiaomi with a built-in camera capable of shooting up to 4K video.


Xiaomi targets Mi drone at a cheaper price compare to other rivalries as we expected. The entry level Mi Dro-ne is 2499 RMB ($380) with a 1080p camera and 2999 CNY ($450) for the more advanced model with a 4K camera, which is at least 45% cheaper than the current market leader DJI.

Mi drone can get up to 27 minutes of flight time with its 5,100mAh replaceable battery, which beats most con-sumer quadcopters. It also come with a ball-shaped 4K camera beneath, and remote controller which has the option of attaching a smart phone for a live-feed view from the drone. The controller also features a camera tilt-adjusting dial, a dedicated shutter button, a button for landing and take-off.