Designed with science in mind and crafted using amazing laws of physics Moondrop seemingly defies gravity and let's you explore the free fall on the Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadjets you will enjoy playing around with it. 

What makes it really unique is it actually displays different gravity than it is on Earth. Made from Aerospace grade materials, equipped with super precise slider Moondrop is a very satisfying fidgeting toy as well. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget any way you like. 

Ever wanted to drop something on the Moon? Well, this is your chance.

Originally they designed Moondrop to imitate the Lunar gravity. It is precisely calculated so vertically falling slider moves at similar speed like you were dropping any object on the lunar surface. The gravity on the Moon is 1,6 m/s² which is only about 1/6th of that on Earth. Since there is vacuum on the moon there is also no air resistance- this makes any object no matter how big free fall in the same speed. How cool is that? 

Moondrop ''Earth'', ''Mars'' and ''Lunar'' versions VS actual free fall on the Moon

Moondrop ''Earth'', ''Mars'' and ''Lunar'' versions VS actual free fall on the Moon.

During the prototyping process idea evolved and we created the second version with copper slider that imitates the free fall on the Mars. You can compare the Gravity between all three- Earth, Mars and Moon.

1.You are a Fidgeter. Just like the designers you always love to hold something in your hand and of course- spin it, roll it, slide it, click it and fidget around in any way possible. The ''anti-gravity'' slider makes it very satisfying to play with Moondrop. They found fidgeting a great way to keep focus, not get destracted from meaningful works, relieve anxiety or just relax. 

Choose your way to fidget

Choose your way to fidget.

2.You are an explorer or science enthusiast.  Moondrop is a pretty cool way to learn about amazing physics laws and science facts in our Universe and share them with others. It is much more exciting to actually see and feel the process instead of only hearing theory and numbers. People are amazed by the gravity defying movements and they get even more interested after hearing the idea behind Moondrop.

3.You love cool gadjets. 

Moondrop is magnetic- stack them together and discover more ways to play.

4.You like to amaze your friends. Give them unique present and show how objects fall on the Moon. 

5.You are into high quallity stuff. Moondrop is CNC machined from Aerospace grade aluminium and pure copper with precision up to 0.01 mm.

6.Plan on going to the Moon? Well, you should try it's gravity first...

By the way- this is the distance between Earth and Moon.

The surprising movements of Moondrop are caused by Lenz's law which is well known in physics world. Moondrop is made from pure copper or aluminium ring, aluminium body and strong neodium magnets inside the thin aluminium tube. 

Copper and aluminium is a non magnetic materials however they are great conductors of electricity while each magnet is surrounded by it's own magnetic field. When the magnet moves through conductor such as sliding copper ring it's magnetic field induces an electric current in the copper. According to Lenz's law that current creates an opposite magnetic field that adds certain resistance to moving magnet. That makes the slider move slower than it would normally do if made from other materials (without electrical conductivity). Depending on proportions between magnet and conductor different sliding speed can be achieved.

Lenz's law demonstration with neodimium magnet and aluminium pipe - the same principle is used for Moondrop..

The sliders of Moondrop are precisely made to free fall in the correct speed that imitates either Lunar or Mars gravity. 

Moondrop Lunar: The slider is made from Aerospace grade aluminium. The distance of falling slider is 38 mm. The time for slider to fall that distance is 0,22 s which is the same as for any object dropped on the moon and falling it's first 38 mm. 

Moondrop Mars: The slider is made from pure copper. The distance of falling slider is 38 mm. The time for slider to fall that distance is 0,13 s which is the same as for any object dropped on the Mars and falling it's first 38 mm.

Moondrop Earth: Turn any of Moondrops into Earth version by removing the magnets and compare the gravity between all three.

Gravity falling objects also have acceleration therefore it is measured with m/s²- that means the longer they fall the faster their falling speed is. Using Lenz's law we can not achieve that acceleration however the distance is so small that the acceleration is almost invisible with naked eye and the free-fall looks as natural as it would look on Moon and Mars.

Each Moondrop comes with beautiful desktop stand. It is pocket sized and perfectly fits in a palm so you can take it anywhere you go.

Moondrop is made with the latest cutting edge technology using precision CNC machining to ensure the perfect quality to every unit. The body is crafted from Aerospace grade Aluminium which is very durable and light weight. The slider is made from same aluminium or pure copper depending on edition you choose. Each aluminium part is anodized for surface protection.

Strong neodymium magnets are inserted in the Aluminium body- interacting with copper or aluminium slider they create the gravity defying effect. Each part is calculated to find the correct falling resistance.