Meet The Pause Pod - The world's first private pop up space suitable for all your relaxation needs.  

You deserve a Pause. At home. On-the-go. At work. In the great outdoors.

Premium quality. Multifunctional. Lightweight. Foldable.

Pop it up in seconds. Sit up or lie down. Block out the light. Meditate, power nap, read, home cinema and much more. 

Endless relaxation possibilities.

Endless relaxation possibilities.

Life's too short to be stressed. Don't you agree?

In an always-connected world where outside noises are assaulting our senses every day, the need for a pause becomes more apparent than ever… and easier to overlook.

Enter. Unplug. Recharge. De-stress. Exit.

Enter. Unplug. Recharge. De-stress. Exit.

 Nature + Pause Pod = Recharge even faster.

The possibilities are endless. How you choose to use the Pause Pod is entirely up to you. 

Calm your mind.

Guided meditation with The Pause App.

 Quality time with your children.

Super simple set up.

 Super simple set up.

Enter the Pause Pod 

Treat yourself with a power nap in the dark after a long day, calm your mind with meditation or simply relax by reading a book, listen to music or kick back to your favorite show. 

Want to upgrade your Pause Pod? Every Pause Pod comes prepared for the Pause Pod add-ons.

 Pause Pod is made for YOU

No matter who you are and what relaxation means to you, the Pause Pod has you covered. 

 Do you have a hard time finding a place feeling completely relaxed? 

You're far from alone. The Pause Pod lets you create a private sanctuary in seconds. Simply pop it up and treat yourself with a pause from those dirty dishes and work e-mails. Enjoy a mini vacation away from everyday stressful moments right in your own home. You deserve it.

Do you ever feel exhausted at work?

It's simply impossible to stay focused for 8+ hours straight. Unplugging from work by taking a daily break, in the form of a relaxation technique, meditation or power nap – have not only shown to improve your well-being but to boost creativity and productivity. Being constantly connected and with the trend of open offices makes it even more important, both on a personal and a business level.

Take a moment to collect yourself.

 Working hard or hardly working?

 Enjoy some fresh air while you're at it.

Wherever life takes you –  Be prepared to Pause.

When on-the-go, simply fold your Pause Pod into the included carrying bag and take it with you (weighs less than 5lbs/2kg). Pop it up in the park, when out hiking or at the airport, and for once, enjoy that long layover.  

Enjoy a long layover.

Go explore.

Made to last. Made to follow you through life.

When it comes to the design of the Pause Pod, nothing has been left to chance. With a combined experience of 25+ years in design and product development we're confident to say that the Pause Pod and its carefully designed add-ons will meet all of your expectations.

The Pause Pod is made from a high quality, light reducing fabric. When zipped up it will block out approximately 99 % of the light, meaning you'll be able to relax in the dark no matter what time it is. We simply call it: Night on demand.

While the fabric naturally is breathable, the three strategically placed ventilation openings along with the mesh door ensures a rich air flow when spending time inside of your Pause Pod.

If you feel like lying down, the leg compartment can be folded out from the inside of the Pause Pod. For increased comfort, the width of the leg compartment is designed to fit any yoga/fitness mat.

Mesh door for additional air flow without letting too much light in and a spacious pocket for your headphones, books/magazines and Pause Pod add-ons.

Use your own mood lights or charge your devices through the cord exit. High quality zippers made to last.

 The Pause Pod is super easy both to pop up and to fold down.

One size fits all.

The stylish Pause Pod carrying bag, the attachable reading light and the Pod stakes for outdoor use comes included with every Pause Pod.

Pause Pod carrying bag.

 Read? Paint? Solve crosswords?

Secure your Pause Pod to the ground (if outside).

 To meet all your relaxation needs, there are three add-ons for you to choose from (more exciting add-ons to come in the future!).

#1 The Mini Pause

Enjoy the silence with The Mini Pause - an ear muff and eye mask hybrid. Keep any disturbing noise out or turn your headphones into noise canceling ones. Fold down the eye mask for a pause on those few places where the Pause Pod can't be used (like on a train or plane).

Adjustable and super comfortable

Foldable to fit in the Pause Pod carrying bag

 #2 Star Sky  

There's something extraordinarily relaxing about looking at the stars. Unfortunately, most of us are not able to do it very often. The Star Sky will solve that for you. Simply snap it on to the Pause Pod ceiling, lie on your back, turn it on and dream away.

Mood lighting for a relaxing atmosphere

Battery powered LED

 #3 Pod Cinema  

You probably won’t be in meditation mood all the time. Kicking back to your favourite Netflix show or watch funny Youtube videos can do you good as well. Attach the Pod Cinema to the ceiling of your Pause Pod and stream away in your very own private cinema.

Stream while lying on your back

Universal tablet mount