Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life, it's all about choices. SCUBAJET accepts the challenge and brings some of the most popular aquatic activities to the next level. The water sports gear allows to make decisions based on individual needs or habits by combining motor power and paddling. 

On top of that, SCUBAJET can be used for other water sports, like canoeing, diving and even for dinghies. Comparable to an e-bike, it turns your aquatic equipment into fast, comfortable and reliable devices. 

One of the big advantages is the innovative adapter system that provides various possibilities to use SCUBAJET on any imaginable water sports equipment. No technical skills are needed at any point. The plug&play system and the water resistant remote control make it easy to start, st-op and select different speeds while using it on the water. 

Take your existing board or equipment and extend it with SCUBAJET easily. Select the appro-piate adpater and you are ready to go in a few seconds.

You are able to stay on the water longer and tackle bigger trips with your water buddies. SCU-BAJET brings you back to the shore safely and is made for active people and sports enthusiasts as well as families.

SCUBAJET offers various engine mappings for scuba diving (slow speed and long battery life-time), power mode (short high speed sprints), SUP (paddling support or surfing without paddle) or freehand. 

You can control the SCUBAJET easily with the included remote control. Three buttons control all the functions, for increasing/decreasing speed, as well as to spot the engine.

The auto-shut off system stops the engine immediately if you fall into the water and it will also be used for initial power on SCUBAJET over magnetic switch. SCUBAJET is also safe for kids as well since we use jet-power instead of regular propeller motors.