Senstone is a new way to create notes — five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app. With Senstone you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes on the go. Just capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss. It automatically converts your voice notes into text and organises them for easy access.

Senstone's overview

We check smartphones 150 times a day, every day. But what if there was plainly easier way to capture those precious words?

Senstone lets you record your thoughts quickly and conveniently. Senstone is a notepad size of a bottle cap. Imagine walking in the busy street or driving a car and taking those notes, reminders with the speed of thought.

Tap on the Senstone to start recording and speak. Tap again and it stops. All audio and text notes are synced into the Cloud seamlessly.

Senstone saves you from getting distracted while reaching for your smartphone and looking for the necessary app. Especially when focusing is critical.

Increase your focus in everyday life.

Senstone should be close when you speak — for best performance. You can hang it around your neck, clip it to your shirt collar or a jacket, or even wear it on your wrist.

Senstone is a standalone device so you can take notes and create lists when its not connected to your smartphone. It records for up to two and a half hours when offline. Then it automatically syncs your notes in the cloud when you are back in range.

Its a standalone device -- record and save notes anytime

Its a standalone device -- record and save notes anytime.

Being able to take notes on the go is critical — be it your personal goals, your breakthrough ideas or your travel journal. This is why the world’s greatest writers, inventors, and visionaries kept notebooks to document their ideas. And today Senstone offer a much more convenient and handy solution.

Famous people record their ideas

Famous people record their ideas.

Are you a food blogger discovering a new cafe and wanting to document your experience? Take notes in seconds with Senstone. It has been designed specifically to keep track of details in any situation. You can even capture an impromptu interview with someone at the cafe.

No typing.

You can also use Senstone at night, but you don’t need to wear it. It listens to you when you sleep and is just a finger snap away from recording the details of your dreams while you still remember them. There’s no need to press any button. Thanks to our unique machine learning system we help you record your midnight thoughts and dreams with just a snap of your fingers. 

NB: Currently, the finger snap feature is only available when the gadget is charging on its dock.

Capture midnight dreams.

Senstone helps you stay focused, lets you organize your thoughts quickly and allows you to manage your life with confidence and style. Send reminders to other members of your team. Just say “Tom, I figured you didn’t bring lunch today, so I ordered pizza” and the message is sent.

Senstone is your communication tool with others on the team. However, sometimes it is more convenient to have your thoughts laid out right in your favourite app. For these scenarios we are integrating with apps like Evernote, Trello and more.

Everyone has their own sense of style. People are wearing accessories to underline their personality, get attention and feel good. They tried to be timeless and original with this device. Senstone’s design is pure and minimalist — it’s something will match any style or look.

Inspired by Brain and Sound Waves.

Early mock-ups

Early mock-ups.

Their fashion designer picked the best materials for Senstone to look and feel right. The casing is made of Chrome-plated brass and clear brass. They also offer a lighter, Aluminium version anodised in white gray and black. All models feature a scratch-proof tempered screen.

Senstone product line.

Senstone’s screen consists of 17 white LEDs that inform you of key activities such as starting and ending a recording, synchronization, battery status, and charging. It’s all displayed by flashing patterns and shapes with the LED array.

Gadget screen scenarios.

They do care about environment, so they made the box that is indisposable and reusable. This is your stylish dock that is used for charging and a sole place to store and carry Senstone and its accessories. You can use it to hold the device itself as well as all your detachable backs.

The box is a charging station.

Charging is fast and simple

Charging is fast and simple.

You can clip it to your clothes, hang it from your neck, or wear it on your wrist, for the style that suits you best.

Line of Detachable Backs.

Sizing details.

Here are some technical highlights of our device.  It includes Ultra-low Power Wireless Microcontroller with the following features:

1) Multi-core system, 2) Support Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTA), 3) AES-128 Security Module, 4) Compatible with BLE 4.2.

Digital MEMS Microphones with the following features: 
1) Three modes: Standard Performance, Low-Power and Ultrasonic Mode, 2) Frequency Range 0.01kHz - 80kHz.

Memory with the following features: 
1) Minimum 100,000 recording cycles, 2) 20 years of data retention.

Lithium (LiPo) battery:
1) 4.2 Voltage, 2) 80mAh capacity, 3) 4 days of average use.

They bring a new level of intelligence to your voice notes.  The moment you start a recording, it’s stored on your smartphone and backed up in Cloud, even if your app is in background. The Cloud software platform converts voice memos into text, extracts keywords, to-dos and analyses your speech patterns. 

It's like having an AI to organise your notes. What is the topic of the note? What was your mood at the time? What was happening around you? Where were you? You can then find your notes by hashtags, their content or time and location to replay original audio, edit them or export to other apps.

With additional premium app subscription you’ll be able to access more AI features, like automatic punctuation or noise analysis, get larger cloud storage for audio notes and more free speech-to-text transactions. The App also works in the background, notifying you on the progress and number of notes made. Once you open the app, all your voice memos and text notes are automatically synced to the Сloud.

App screens.

Integrates with Evernote and much more

 Integrates with Evernote and much more.