Made of sustainable, eco-friendly wood, each UGEARS model assembles easily and without the need for glue or special tools. And instead of a simple static display, each model is capable of a unique and fascinating range of self-powered movements, all without batteries.


UGEARS models collection 2016  

UGEARS Tanker Model

A cool model for self-assembly from the new UGEARS Trucks collection. Presented exclusively on Kickstarter. We deliberately designed this model to have a raw, open look so even the casual observer could appreciate the marvels going on inside.

Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Mechanical Tanker model has real TANKER with the unique opening mechanism which fits well for standard 0.33 L cans.

UGEARS Fire Truck Model

It functions like a real Rescue& Fire Truck with turning foot, moving apart & ascending ladder, which transforms into real crane with hook.

There is a little ladder to help Firemen to climb on the truck in few seconds. Like in a real Fire Truck it is mounted on back.

UGEARS Truck UGM-11 Model

Equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine. Start the engine in ‘idle mode’ and look at four pistons which move realistically under the folding hood. 

Open the cabin door and observe the fully functioning steering wheel connected via a steering column to the suspension bracket of front wheels. Push gas pedal, put it in ‘reverse’ or ‘drive’ mode, engage the clutch and see how the Truck’s moving!

Mechanical Flower  Model

Smart and great idea to impress our beloved. Elegant petals, with Ballerina & Tree of Luck for your favorite jewelry inside. 



Steam Locomotive with Tender, Rails with Crossing and Platform  

Locomotive employs all technical solutions we’ve come up with in our previous models, and more. The spinning gears, pistons and wheels carry the soul of XIX-century engineering, when locomotives represented the mainstream of technical progress. It is one of the fanciest UGEARS models, as it consists of the highest number of parts and can run up to a distance of 5 meters. 

Every train needs a proper station and our Railway Platform is just the ticket. In addition to being a beautiful reproduction of a European rail station complete with a clock, lamps and a bench, this model features a secret removable drawer with a lock and key for extra security.

Secret Model: Combination Lock 

Inspired by “The Da Vinci Code”

  • Assemble UGEARS Lock and get the idea of modern combination lock principle.  

  • Try to create your own Da Vinci Code’s Cryptex with 1000 combinations of 3 digit code.  

  • You can hide the keys, small items and your own secrets inside. 

  • Convenient "eyelet" to hang the lock on a bag.