Z4X projector, a set of high quality audio, displays the music with an excellent and exquisite so-und through Top-level resolution. More than a simple projector, it’s actually a set of high quality audio. WiFi can be connected automatically by a single tap of the body, and music will play accordingly.

By the optical projection technology of American instrument DLP, an IMAX screen at 300 in-ches can be displayed. With the color management engine, each frame image would be optimized by the industry’s top image quality team according to DCI - P3, which is the color standard of digital projector, so as to recover the colors of master tape. The new dual light path design improves the brightness by 30% than the previous generation.



With the tailored sound system from international top sound brand harman/kardon company, the sound is adjusted by professional sound teams with ultra low distortion amplifier of the TI, so as to display an excellent and exquisite sound.



The unique design of humanized and reasonable sliding cover switch combines the dust proof cover and power switch, when you open the lens cap for viewing, the machine will be started accordingly.

The industry's first 3D gesture control, with 3D gesture recognition chip built-in, can determine the location with 150dpi accuracy. Its sampling rate can reach up to 200 times per sec, thus accurately capturing and recognizing the trajectory of palm, and transforming into a digital signal.You can skip/play a song by waving your hand.


With the 1.5GHz quad-core processor, mali-450mp4 graphics processor, 2GB DDR3 dual cha-nnel memory, it is equivalent to a high performance Android game machine.  Built-in entertainment, information, education, life and other apps, it can perfectly be compatible XBOX, PS and other peripheral game machines.