The backpack, an essential part of life for many travelers, is also the essential part of the pick-pocket's life, unfortunately. According to Dutch design brand XD Design, there are 400,000 incidents of pick-pocketing worldwide every day, with 65% of reported incidents in the UK taking place on the London Underground. 

So you need something you can confidently sling onto your back, and offers peace of mind. The Bobby will be the perfect cure for your tangled cable headache.


What make it stand out?

Hidden zipper and Secret pockets

Instead of the zipper sitting at the outer edge of the bag, Bobby has cleverly concealed zips and secret pockets to make it a mind-boggling minefield for potential thieves. 

The secret pockets are covered by the bag's straps so that you can have easy access to your wallet and other items.

It also has handy extras like a concealed pocket behind the front strap for easy access to your Oyster or travel card, and even a power bank and USB port for charging your phone on the fly.

Cut proof and Water repellent

The Bobby's body is constructed from layers of 300D polyester, 600D polyester and 6mm anti-shock foam, making for difficult entry even for the sharpest of blades. 

Besides, it's easy to swipe the liquid off the Bobby since the material has a water repellent coa-ting.


Night security and Weight lightening

The Bobby comes with luminescent strips at the back and along the sides of the bag, ensuring that traffic from all sides spots you while you're pedaling along.

If you're carrying a heavy load, Bobby's weight distribution is carefully positioned so that its hea-vier components are close to your back, making you feel less weight. 

In conclusion, the Bobby is a great product since it offers a wonderful solution for those wish-ing to keep their belongings safe, along with a few nice extras too.