Sound pollution is increasing drastically these days that sometimes makes you go crazy. All of us want that comfy zone of silence for a while to give ourselves a soothing feeling, which was a dream, till now.

Muzo is the first acoustic device that uses Anti-Vibration technology for a smooth surface that impedes any objects from vibrating, thus minimizing any intrusive noise. Also, it can create dynamic realistic sounds by using Billionsound technology ( powered by BST). So it's possible for you to enjoy tranquility by silence or a peaceful sound of nature.

Three Different Modes

Serenity Mode

Just give it a gentle touch, and with the light turned on, you’ll be able to enjoy its magic of anti-vibration system. With the help of little TPE, you can stick it to a window or any flat surface firmly and turn any place into your personal and comfy one.

Sleep Mode

There are so many people around us who can’t sleep properly because of unwanted sounds during the night time, which can intensely affect your life quality. 

Just pick out a specific mixing sound from thousands of soothing sounds and set the alarm. The sound will slip into your mind unconsciously and help you fall into a deep sleep. After a whole night of sound sleep, it will wake you up in the correct time of your sleep cycle by generating so-und waves so that you don’t feel unsteady.


Secret Mode

Muzo sound masking feature helps to keep your sensitive information a secret. With the compa-tible app, you can adjust the protection level. Muzo sound masking is quite dynamic and adapts from place to place and across various noise levels.


The device is compact and portable. So you can carry it even when youre travelling. This devi-ce could be a vital component for schools, hospitals or offices where disruptive and intruding noises are quite annoying.