SuperMeat is revolutionizing the meat industry by ushering in the biggest change to the way people consume food since the dawn of the Industrial Age.

Together with top researchers and scientists, SuperMeat is developing cultured meat to replace the meat consumed on a daily basis worldwide.

Cultured meat, also known as cell-cultured meat or in-vitro meat, is produced from animal cells that are grown to vast numbers from a single biopsy, taken without hurting the animal itself.

Using the tissue engineering te-chniques re-fined from regenerative medicine,the animal cells are incubated in an environment that mimics the natural body of the animal. The cells are then enriched with nutrients that can help the cells thrive and divide, growing into a full meal-ready piece of animal meat.

In the unique process, cells are combined into minuscule muscle tissues that are placed in specially designed bioreactors that allow the muscle to grow.