We first saw the Apple smart connector on the IPAD PRO 12.9 inch and it was used for the keyboard. Last year when the IPAD 9.7 Pro version was introduced the smart connector made its appearance again.


From a design perspective the smart connector had been used by other products and the most famous would be the Microsoft Surface series of devices. However if we delve into the MFI documents (see illustration 1) the smart connector not only has I/O, it has power input and output. This flexibility would enable a host of devices other than keyboards to be connected.


From the latest Iphone 7 leaks it is rumored that there will be a smart connector on the new iphone 7 5.5 inch version. As Apple tends to have multiple versions in house to verify designs this may be true or untrue. The IPAD mini would be the next obvious candidate for the smart connector.


With the MFI documents stating that smart connector may be available for Mac. What does that entail for us.  You may be able to dock your iphone/ipad using your Mac. Or as most people speculated at the launch of the iPad pro 12.9 a MacOS version of the IPAD. Apple being very strong in the graphics sector a touch screen pressure sensitive mac os tablet would be welcomed.